CARE Minutes 10/18/18

Roll Call:

A roll call of the CARE Board of Directors was conducted with the following members responding

  • President HONEY MILLER
  • Vice President JOYCE STRANGE
  • Treasurer JAN FREDERICK
  • Employee Representative KRIS SPENCER
  • Member at Large JIM TUCKER
  • Member at Large GARRY CHAMBER
  • Member at Large HELENE DROTHLER
  • Member at Large JENNIFER WILSON


    Member at Large DREW MILLER

Meeting Attendees:

Pascal Robin, Jason Spencer, Spencer Hogan, Ashley Foster, Katherine Noyes, Jeanne Ringe, Joyce Thomas, Willa Holtzclaw, Audree Stephenson, Barbara Sell, Taryn Herzog, Jennifer VanFleet

Approval of Minutes

Minutes from 9/20/18 were accepted and approved


The financial report was submitted by Jan Frederick and accepted.

  • Shelter Management Account – This account was originally budgeted based on 100 animals at the shelter per day. We have been consistently at double that number. For this reason we will be going back to the county in December to try to obtain additional funding.
  • Please remember to bring your piggy banks with the change you’ve been collecting to the monthly board meeting.

Old Business


  • Fund Raising Committee (Honey Miller chair) Asking for a volunteer to take over as chair of this committee to free up Honey’s time for other CARE responsibilities. Our Hall-O-Ween Ride & Spook-getti dinner is coming Oct 27th. Have had difficulty getting it into the paper but will continue trying. We may need to bring some items such as crock pots and utensils etc. Honey will stop by Brazelton Lodge to see what the kitchen has already.
  • Dog Park Committee (Jim Tucker chair) We held a meeting last week at JC Library to discuss next steps. The initial requirements were submitted to the Boyd Foundation in order to get the first installment on the grant. That check came and was surprisingly for the entire amount. The field has been bush hogged which will allow us to access all areas of the park property. Thank you to Helene’s husband for volunteering his time and equipment to get this done for us. Jim will be meeting with the fence company on Monday to layout the park. We are going to shoot for a follow up meeting next week to delegate the next steps.
  • Newsletter Committee (Jeanne Ringe chair) The next newsletter is currently at the printers.

Shelter Report

Intakes (Sept) 295

Exits (Sept) 269

Thanks to the volunteers who came in on the 1st & 2nd so that staff could attend training. Thanks to Jason & Chad for doing the cement work on the dog kennels. Thanks to Mindy & Spencer for transporting animals to Ohio & New Jersey.

991 animals have been taken into the shelter this fiscal year. Garry is going to write a letter to the editor that outlines the number of animals that we are dealing with. We feel it is important that our county residents realize just how big of an animal crisis we have.

Volunteer hours logged – We continue to stress how important it is to log any and all volunteer hours. These hours include but are not limited to

  • Shelter hours spent cleaning, doing maint., walking dogs, cuddling kitties, etc.
  • Hours spent outside of the shelter running errands, sewing animal blankets, checking donation boxes, etc.
  • Events
  • Transports
  • Meetings

If you have hours not charted at the shelter, be sure to either email Jim Tucker or bring your log sheet to the monthly board meeting. Jim will also include those hours logged by Carson Newman and other student volunteers.

Fixin To Save Lives

We had 33 cats fixed today thanks to The Spay and Neuter Project. They have expressed an interest in having a meeting with some of us to brainstorm on how to grow this program. They are shooting for 1000 cats next year. They are also working on applying for grants to help offset these costs.

We are going to start charging a nominal fee for the Fixin to Save Lives program. This would be prepaid at the time of application. We hope this will all but eliminate the number of no shows. We will indicate that financial assistance is available.

Snip It is booked through the end of 2018 already. Fixin To Save Lives has 12 Snip It bookings already set for 2019.

We are contracted with Snip It, therefore cannot go elsewhere. We may want to modify the contract renewal to allow us to use another vet if Snip It is not available.

New Business

Upcoming Events

Oct. 8 – Nov 8 (all month) Vol Magic Carwash – Order Manager’s Special & they will donate a % back to CARE

Oct. 20th (Sat) Acuff Auto Sales – Sponsoring 15 adoptions 11AM-2PM – Ginger & Pascal

Oct. 24th (Wed) Rusty Wallace Toyota Morristown – Check presentation 12PM – Honey, Mindy, Kris & Jason

Oct. 27th (Sat) Hall-O-Ween Ride – TSC Jefferson City 9AM – Jennifer Wilson

Oct. 27th (Sat) Spook-getti Dinner – Brazelton Lodge 1PM – Everybody!

Nov. 2nd (Sat) Dandridge Oil – $5 per oil change – Also interested in future events

Nov. 3rd (Sun) Holiday Craft Bazaar – JCHS Band Fundraiser 10AM

Dec. 8th (Sat) Christmas Parade – Mossy Creek Station 5:30PM

We were at 5 recent events which raised $1200 for CARE

Petland – Jeanne picked up a trailer load of food and it looks like this will be an ongoing event as they need to rotate their inventory

Other Business

Tether Law – The Service Learning class at the high school has worked hard to develop and present a tether ordinance to the county commissioners. With advice from Mackey Wilson and Honey Miller, the ordinance outlines safe and humane guidelines for tethering an animal.

  • · Tether length must be 15’ or 5x the length of the animal
  • · Must have clear access to food and water
  • · Must have some sort of shade and shelter
  • There cannot be any obstacles for the animal to become entangled

If passed, this law would come with a written warning for a first offense and a fine for subsequent offenses. The revenue from the fines would be awarded to CARE. The commission sent it to the Public Service Committee for revue before it comes back to the commission for a vote. This is a great opportunity for CARE to demonstrate our E for education. Thank you Mackey and Honey for working with and educating this young group of future leaders.

Ingles – Sponsors a traveling dog jumping event. The dogs demonstrate their long jump ability, jumping into a swimming pool (tank). Part of the demonstration is a fund raiser where people can purchase a tennis ball. The purchased balls are all thrown into the pool at the end and the dog is sent in. Whichever ball the dog retrieves out of the pool is the winner.

They are booked far in advance and require a venue of at least 500 people. This could be a good fundraiser for CARE and attraction for the JC Fair next summer. We’ll need to investigate a work around to the gambling restriction, possibly using another non-profit to be the non-profit of record then donate the funds to CARE.

Next Meeting

ACOB –1/4/19 10:00 at the courthouse

CARE – 11/15 5:30 at the Rescue Squad

Committee Volunteers

Fundraising Committee

Coordinator – Honey Miller

Volunteers – Francis Cooper, Keisha Fuller, Audree Stephenson

Grant Committee

Coordinator – Jeanne Ringe

Volunteers – Katherine Noyes

Nominating Committee

Coordinator – Katherine Noyes

Volunteers – Helene Drothler, Joyce Strange, Jim Tucker, Garry Chambers

Foster/Volunteer Committee

Coordinator – Keisha Fuller

Volunteers – Helene Drothler, Joyce Strange, Mindy Hutcheson

Shopping Crew

Coordinator – Kris Spencer

Volunteers – Shelley King, Barbara Sell, Audree Stephenson

Facilities Crew

Coordinator – Kris Spencer

Volunteers – Mindy & Bryan Hutcheson, Katherine Noyes, Jim Tucker, Shelley King, Bobby Fuller, Jason Spencer, Chad Robin

Website Crew

Kris Spencer, Pascal Robin, Mindy Hutcheson, Ashley Foster

Thank You Committee

Coordinator – Open

Volunteers – Joyce Thomas, Sheila Boggs

Newsletter Committee

Coordinator – Jeanne Ringe

Dog Park Committee

Coordinator – Jim Tucker

Volunteers – Jeanne Ringe, Jason Spencer, Jennifer Van Fleet, Mindy Hutcheson, Honey Miller, Kat Noyes

Please note that this list is an ever changing document. If you are interested in any of these committees, please let me know and I’ll be sure to add you to the list. Thanks for all your support!

Mindy Hutcheson (Board Secretary)