CARE Minutes 4/19/18

Meeting Attendees:

Honey Miller, Mindy Hutcheson, Kris Spencer, Jason Spencer, Pascal Robin, Jennifer VanFleet, Jan Frederick, Spencer Hogan, Ashley Foster, Drew Miller, Sheila Boggs, Barbara Sell, Garry Chambers, Helene Drothler, Jim Tucker, Katherine Noyes, Jeanne Ringe, Joyce Thomas, Nick Shaffer, Willa Holtzclaw, Shelley King, Jennifer Wilson, Carol Morgan, Keisha Fuller, Bobby Fuller, Audree Stephenson, Joyce Strange

Approval of Minutes

Minutes from 3/22/18 were accepted and approved


We have received the first installment from the county in the amount of $49,000

The 2nd  and final installment this fiscal year will be invoiced to the county 5/1

The Jefferson City Council has asked the HSJC to repay the money given for April, May and June.  That money will then be turned over to CARE for shelter management.

CARE vs. County money will be tracked separately so we can be accountable to the county for their portion of the funding.  CARE money will be tracked separately and earmarked for our other programs.

The financial report was submitted by Ellen Betts and accepted.

Ellen requests all invoices and requests for reimbursement be made as soon as possible in order to reconcile the accounts with the budget.

Credit card readers are in process and should be delivered the first week of May.

Payroll is being set up and will be ready the first week of May.

Jeanne Ringe brought up the point that payroll will be budgeted from animal shelter account but may need to use CARE funds as well for things such as events and transports.  These fall outside of the scope of shelter management.

Old Business


  • Fund Raising Committee (Honey Miller chair) Annual strategic fundraising plan to be developed
  • Grant Committee (Jeanne Ringe chair)
  • ASPCA Grant – we have submitted letter of intent for grant
  • Dog Park Grant – Honey meeting with Randy Boyd and ex-mayor of Knoxville to tell them about CARE and try to get inside info on what they are looking for in the grant applications. This grant is being sponsored personally by Randy Boyd (Owner of PetSmart and Gubernatorial candidate) $1M/year donation to develop dog parks.  Organizations to be awarded $25,000 grants and one to be chosen for a $100,000 grant
  • Animal Friendly Grant – not sure if we qualify due to non-profit status pending
  • Foster/Volunteer Committee (Keisha Fuller chair) Keisha to meet with Honey to get started
  • Shopping Committee (Kris Spencer chair) Shopping at this point has been on an as needed basis to get shelter up and running
  • Facilities Committee (No chair) Amazing improvements being made at the shelter.  Stop in to see.
  • Website Committee (No chair) Pending
  • Thank You Committee (Jan Frederick chair) New cards being used with CARE logo. People have been thrilled to receive hand written cards.
  • Nominating Committee (Katherine Noyes chair) An email will be sent to the entire membership roster asking for nominations for board members.  This list will be compiled and presented at the next meeting.  According to our bylaws, both the board and officers are to be elected by the CARE members.  Jan Frederick will email the roster to Katherine for this purpose.

Licenses & Forms

The 501(c)(3) papers still not back from the IRS and being told it could be up to 180 days.  We cannot order vaccines at reduced price or get on the Science Diet program, among other things, until we get that designation.  Our County Mayor contacted Congressman Duncan to get things expedited.

The County Commissioners approved and signed the MOA and now Jeanne owes Honey lunch!

Shelter Report

Advertising for a part time kennel technician

Want to open the shelter next week once we get vaccines in the door.  We will need to use a vet for euthanasia until all licensing is in place.

Annual Budget allocations and requests

Requesting $120,000 for first full fiscal year from the county

Asking for an increase in funds from the different municipalities

Annual operating budget $145,000

New Business

Upcoming Events

White Pine Arts and Craft Fair – April 28th 9:00AM Honey & Keisha can help out for this event but need additional volunteers for future events

Fixin To Save Lives – May 2nd 8:00AM

June Jubilee – June 16th 10:00AM Downtown Dandridge

Old Time Saturday

ACOB Board Members

Honey will be a board member and she is suggesting Kris be on the board as well.  We need to recommend a member of the HSJC to be on the board with no voting rights.  Honey suggested Roxie (she used to work at the shelter).

Snip It

Dr. Seaton has agreed to sign off for us to be able to order tests and vaccines at greatly reduced rates.  She will be our vet as well but we will use Lakeway for emergencies.


  • Helene and Katherine will work on donation boxes for Tractor Supply and Farmers Co-Op.  These are the large boxes for dog food and supplies.  They’ll be decorated and labeled with a CARE sign.
  • Jeanne & Katherine put together a trifold brochure outlining CARE’s services. We’ve ordered 500
  • Chamber of Commerce doing a ribbon cutting for our open house 5/12

Next Meeting: May 17th 5:30 – Rescue Squad

Committee Volunteers

Fundraising Committee:
Coordinator – Honey Miller
Volunteers – Francis Cooper, Keisha Fuller, Audree Stephenson

Grant Committee:
Coordinator – Jeanne Ringe
Volunteers – Katherine Noyes

Nominating Committee:
Coordinator – Katherine Noyes
Volunteers – Helene Drothler, Joyce Strange, Jim Tucker, Garry Chambers

Foster/Volunteer Committee:
Coordinator – Keisha Fuller
Volunteers – Helene Drothler, Joyce Strange, Mindy Hutcheson

Shopping Crew:
Coordinator – Kris Spencer
Volunteers – Ellen Betts, Shelley King, Barbara Sell, Audree Stephenson,

Facilities Crew:
Coordinator – Open
Volunteers – Mindy & Bryan Hutcheson, Katherine Noyes, Jim Tucker,                       Shelley King, Bobby Fuller, Jason Spencer, Chad Robin

Website Crew:
Kris Spencer, Pascal Robin, Mindy Hutcheson, Ashley Foster

Thank You Committee:
Coordinator – Jan Frederick
Volunteers – Joyce Thomas, Sheila Boggs, Willa Holtzclaw

Please note that this list is an ever changing document.  If you are interested in any of these committees, please let me know and I’ll be sure to add you to the list.  Thanks for all your support!

Mindy Hutcheson