CARE Minutes 5/17/18

Meeting Attendees:

Kris Spencer, Joyce Strange, Helene Drothler, Jim Tucker, Sheila Boggs, Jason Spencer, Willa Holtzslaw, Jan Frederick, Joyce Thomas, Jeane Ringe, Ashley Foster, Shelley King, Garry Chambers, Barbara Sell, Audree Stephenson, Keisha Fuller, Bobby Fuller, Honey Miller, Mindy Hutcheson, Pascal Robin

Approval of Minutes

Minutes from 4/19/18 were accepted and approved


Ellen Betts has resigned her position as interim treasurer as of 5/16.

Jan Frederick and Jeanne Ringe have been appointed as replacement.

The financial report was submitted by Honey Miller and accepted

Old Business


  • Volunteer  – Our first volunteer orientation will be held this Saturday at 7:30AM
  • Newsletter – The first newsletter is done.  Discussed best circulation options (mail, email, website).  To start, we are going to circulate via email to our membership. Our members can then distribute to their individual contacts/friends. Discussion of distribution to HSJC members with an option for them to no longer receive communication.  Great job Jeanne Ringe!
  • Thank You  – 35 thank you cards were sent out this month
  • Fundraising – Donation Boxes
    • Monetary donations – 15 or more boxes have been placed out in the community
    • Food/Supplies donation boxes – 2 boxes have been placed
    • Going to put additional boxes out in White Pine
    • Roundup for CARE – Going to request that local businesses i.e. Perkins, Walgreens and Volunteer Spirits, ask their customers if they are willing to “round up” their bill at checkout to benefit CARE.
    • Volunteer Carwash in Jefferson City has a program in place which donates proceeds from $20 car washes.  Need to see if we can participate.
  • Nominating – Submitted list for board nominations to be voted on in June
    • President – Honey Miller
    • Vice President – Joyce Strange
    • Secretary – Mindy Hutcheson
    • Treasurer – Jan Frederick
    • Board Members at large – Jim Tucker, Drew Miller, Garry Chambers, Jennifer Wilson, Helene Drothler

Licenses & Forms

State coming in on Monday for inspection

Received confirmation that 501(c)(3) was put in the mail on the 11th but we still haven’t received it.

Shelter Report

Intake for April = 28

Intake for May to date = 110

In light of PWP closing as of 7/1, Sevier County has inquired about sending animals from Sevier County Animal Control to CARE and if willing, at what cost.  We submitted a fee of $125 which will be submitted at the next meeting of Sevier County Commissioners.

Annual Budget allocations and requests

White Pine $5,000

Jefferson City $15,000 (Have not heard anything more about $$ they requested returned from JCHS)

Dandridge $6,000

Baneberry $ ?

New Market – haven’t met yet

Monday 5:30 Budget Committee Meeting – They are stating they are over budget in all departments and looking to cut back all non-profits.  We would like to show up in force (wear CARE shirt if you have one).  We need to send the message that we provide a vital service to the county and aren’t simply asking for a handout.  Honey and Pascal are both planning on speaking at this meeting.

New Business

Upcoming Events

6/6         Super Heroes Summer Camp                                Pascal & Jenn Van Fleet                  Learn 2 Love Academy 9:30 – 11:30

6/16       June Jubilee                                                           Open for Volunteers                      Historic Downtown Dandridge 10:00am – 3:00pm

6/16       New Market VFD Summer Fest                               Jennifer Wilson                               New Market Roadside Park 10:00am – 3:00pm

6/23       Block Party Benefit for Girls, Inc.                            Open for Volunteer                       Located all 4 corners of W AJ Hwy                                                                               and Merchants in Morristow 12:00pm – 3:00pm

7/4         Baneberry 4th of July Parade                                  Honey Miller and (?)                       Meet as City Hall for care lineup                                                                                   10:30am lineup 11:00am parade starts

7/28       Grainger County Tomato Festival                            Open for Volunteers                     7480 Rutledge Pike, Rutledge, TN                                                                                  9:00am – 2:00pm

10/6       Old Tyme Saturday                                                    Open for Volunteers                   Downtown Jefferson City 10:00am – 3:0-0pm

ACOB Board Members

As mentioned at the last meeting, ACOB will be changing members.  Honey and Kris will represent CARE, however, we are switching our recommendation of the HSJC board member from Roxie to Shirley.


Keisha spoke to Ashley from UT Mobile Clinic and Kris has since followed up via email.  Ashley is indicating that she will work with us.

Next Meeting

May 17th 5:30 – Rescue Squad

Committee Volunteers

Fundraising Committee:
Coordinator – Honey Miller
Volunteers – Francis Cooper, Keisha Fuller, Audree Stephenson

Grant Committee:
Coordinator – Jeanne Ringe
Volunteers – Katherine Noyes

Nominating Committee:
Coordinator – Katherine Noyes
Volunteers – Helene Drothler, Joyce Strange, Jim Tucker, Garry Chambers

Foster/Volunteer Committee:
Coordinator – Keisha Fuller
Volunteers – Helene Drothler, Joyce Strange, Mindy Hutcheson

Shopping Crew:
Coordinator – Kris Spencer
Volunteers – Ellen Betts, Shelley King, Barbara Sell, Audree Stephenson,

Facilities Crew:
Coordinator – Open
Volunteers – Mindy & Bryan Hutcheson, Katherine Noyes, Jim Tucker,                              Shelley King, Bobby Fuller, Jason Spencer, Chad Robin

Website Crew:
Kris Spencer, Pascal Robin, Mindy Hutcheson, Ashley Foster

Thank You Committee:
Coordinator – Jan Frederick
Volunteers – Joyce Thomas, Sheila Boggs, Willa Holtzclaw

Please note that this list is an ever changing document.  If you are interested in any of these committees, please let me know and I’ll be sure to add you to the list.  Thanks for all your support!

Mindy Hutcheson