CARE Minutes 7/12/18

Roll Call:

A roll call of the CARE Board of Directors was conducted with the following members responding

  • President HONEY MILLER
  • Vice President JOYCE STRANGE
  • Treasurer JAN FREDERICK
  • Employee Representative KRIS SPENCER
  • Member at Large JIM TUCKER
  • Member at Large GARRY CHAMBER
  • Member at Large HELENE DROTHLER


    Member at Large DREW MILLER

    Member at Large JENNIFER WILSON

Meeting Attendees:

Spencer Hogan, Ashley Foster, Sheila Boggs, Katherine Noyes, Jeanne Ringe, Joyce Thomas, Willa Holtzclaw

Approval of Minutes

Minutes from 6/21/18 were accepted and approved


The financial report was submitted by Jan Frederick and accepted.

Now that we have received our 501(c)(3) designation from the IRS we need to make sure purchases on CARE’s behalf are tax exempt.

  • IRS tax exempt forms can be picked up at the shelter. This is for first time setup.
  • All vendors should set us up under our phone number 865-471-5696
  • Walmart is the exception to this. They require a card, which Honey has

Old Business


  • Fund Raising Committee (Honey Miller chair) Food City has a program where you sell cards for buying groceries. 5% of card face value is returned to the organization selling the card – a lot of work for not a lot of return.

    Annual Fund Raising Development Plan – see report

    Board members are asked to donate and/or volunteer at the shelter.

    Honey will give out piggy banks for loose change. It all adds up.

    Fund Designations:

    · Bridge Raffle – Transport

    · Yard Sale – Spay/Neuter

    · Willa’s Vehicle – To be sold and funds donated to go toward a van

    · Surplus Vehicles – To be sold and funds go toward a van

    All fund raising efforts need to go through Honey Miller as committee chair. The message we send needs to be consistent and we need to stay organized and not hit up donors multiple times.

  • Grant Committee (Jean Ringe chair) CARE has been awarded a $25,000 grant by the Boyd Foundation to build a dog park. Presentation of the check will take place July 24th at 8:30 AM and you’re all invited to be there.

Additional ideas to build this dog park:

· Sponsors who donate receive a recognition on fence banners

· Boy Scout Troops doing Eagle Scout projects

· Service companies to donate time/material

· Arrange news coverage/photo opportunities for companies willing to volunteer their time and materials

· There are multiple dog parks in Knoxville. Jim Tucker volunteered to contact their Recreation Department to see what information he can get.

· We have restrictions due to site being a former landfill. Anything we plant for shelter/shade has to be elevated. We cannot break the landfill barrier. No permanent structures but could do a shelter house or gazebo

Public Messaging

It is very important to convey a uniform message when discussing CARE and the shelter in public.

When describing who we are we need to always refer to ourselves as CARE and not “The new humane society”

We are an open intake shelter

We are contracted to accept any companion animal brought to us by Animal Control & the public

The difference between a kill & no kill shelter

Reason behind euthanizing certain animals

· Sickness

· Aggressive Behavior

· By owner’s request

· Not for space

Reason we transport animals to other shelters & rescues outside our area

3-4,000 animals come through the shelter annually. With only 20,000 families in Jefferson County, it isn’t possible to adopt out all these animals in county.

Shelter Report

Intakes (June) 304

Exits (June) 216

We are still having staffing issues. We hired 3 of which 1 was a no call/no show

Donation box in the shelter is taking in about $100 per week

New Business

Upcoming Events

6/9 Food City – had adoptions

6/16 June Jubilee – had adoptions

6/23 Girls Inc in New Market – had adoptions

7/4 Baneberry 4th of July Parade – no adoptions but received donations

7/14 Christmas in July – Jan Frederick and Barbara Sell to man table

7 26-29 Grainger County Tomato Festival

Sevier County Animal Crisis

Honey met with Mayor Waters to discuss the animal crisis in Sevier County. She has offered her services to help guide them through the process of establishing a new shelter. This would be a fee for service arrangement and those proceeds would then be donated to CARE.

We have not heard anything from Pets Without Parents regarding their equipment.

Shelter Employee Salaries

We are budgeted for 4.5 FTE’s (full time equivalents) but are at 5.5 FTE’s

At the end of June there was a rollover to offset that additional cost

The board unanimously approved the raise

Next Meeting

May 17th 5:30 – Rescue Squad

Committee Volunteers

Fundraising Committee

Coordinator – Honey Miller

Volunteers – Francis Cooper, Keisha Fuller, Audree Stephenson

Grant Committee

Coordinator – Jeanne Ringe

Volunteers – Katherine Noyes

Nominating Committee

Coordinator – Katherine Noyes

Volunteers – Helene Drothler, Joyce Strange, Jim Tucker, Garry Chambers

Foster/Volunteer Committee

Coordinator – Keisha Fuller

Volunteers – Helene Drothler, Joyce Strange, Mindy Hutcheson

Shopping Crew

Coordinator – Kris Spencer

Volunteers – Shelley King, Barbara Sell, Audree Stephenson

Facilities Crew

Coordinator – Kris Spencer

Volunteers – Mindy & Bryan Hutcheson, Katherine Noyes, Jim Tucker, Shelley King, Bobby Fuller, Jason Spencer, Chad Robin

Website Crew

Kris Spencer, Pascal Robin, Mindy Hutcheson, Ashley Foster

Thank You Committee

Coordinator – Open

Volunteers – Joyce Thomas, Sheila Boggs

Newsletter Committee

Coordinator – Jeanne Ringe

Please note that this list is an ever changing document. If you are interested in any of these committees, please let me know and I’ll be sure to add you to the list. Thanks for all your support!

Mindy Hutcheson (Board Secretary)