CARE Minutes 9/20/18

Roll Call:

A roll call of the CARE Board of Directors was conducted with the following members responding

  • President HONEY MILLER
  • Vice President JOYCE STRANGE
  • Treasurer JAN FREDERICK
  • Employee Representative KRIS SPENCER
  • Member at Large JIM TUCKER
  • Member at Large GARRY CHAMBER
  • Member at Large HELENE DROTHLER
  • Member at Large JENNIFER WILSON



    Member at Large DREW MILLER

Meeting Attendees:

Pascal Robin, Spencer Hogan, Katherine Noyes, Joyce Thomas, Willa Holtzclaw, Joyce Strange, Sheila Boggs, Jennifer VanFleet, Lois Biedron, Audree Stephenson, Misty Byrd

Approval of Minutes

Minutes from 8/16/18 were accepted and approved


The financial report was submitted by Jan Frederick and accepted.

A reminder that we are a Tax Exempt organization and going forward there will be no reimbursement on taxes for items you purchased and paid taxes on. If you need to have a purchase made, there are a select few members that should be utilized to ensure that we are not spending money on taxes.

New Business

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events were reviewed by Pascal – some that still need work are Kroger Link cards, Perkins, Ruby Tuesday, Freddies and McDonald’s (Jan will follow up with some of these items)

Next ACOB meeting is October 5, 2018 – will be reviewing and submitting the first quarter financials and reports.

Other Business

Stats and Data reviewed included 911 calls regarding animal complaints. There appears to be a direct correlation between the increase of animals taken into the shelter and the decrease in the number of 911 calls. Total intake from May to the end of August was 1,254.

Volunteer logs – reminder to log all hours at the shelter and Honey presented and will email out a volunteer log for hours that you may be putting in outside of the shelter and or forgot to log at the shelter – this is to be brought to the board meetings or emailed to Jim and Kat each month. This is of utmost importance because when it comes to budget time it will allow us to have a clearer picture of what our needs are. In addition the Donation in kind logs need to be kept up also for the same purpose.

Girl Scout Diana Meadows made a box for donations for CARE and presented it to us.

Next Meeting

Oct. 18 2018 at the Dandridge Library at 5:30

Committee Volunteers

Fundraising Committee

Coordinator – Honey Miller

Volunteers – Francis Cooper, Keisha Fuller, Audree Stephenson

Grant Committee

Coordinator – Jeanne Ringe

Volunteers – Katherine Noyes

Nominating Committee

Coordinator – Katherine Noyes

Volunteers – Helene Drothler, Joyce Strange, Jim Tucker, Garry Chambers

Foster/Volunteer Committee

Coordinator – Keisha Fuller

Volunteers – Helene Drothler, Joyce Strange, Mindy Hutcheson

Shopping Crew

Coordinator – Kris Spencer

Volunteers – Shelley King, Barbara Sell, Audree Stephenson

Facilities Crew

Coordinator – Kris Spencer

Volunteers – Mindy & Bryan Hutcheson, Katherine Noyes, Jim Tucker, Shelley King, Bobby Fuller, Jason Spencer, Chad Robin

Website Crew

Kris Spencer, Pascal Robin, Mindy Hutcheson, Ashley Foster

Thank You Committee

Coordinator – Open

Volunteers – Joyce Thomas, Sheila Boggs

Newsletter Committee

Coordinator – Jeanne Ringe

Dog Park Committee

Coordinator – Jim Tucker

Volunteers – Jeanne Ringe, Jason Spencer, Jennifer Van Fleet, Mindy Hutcheson, Honey Miller, Kat Noyes

Please note that this list is an ever changing document. If you are interested in any of these committees, please let me know and I’ll be sure to add you to the list. Thanks for all your support!

Mindy Hutcheson (Board Secretary)