Spay and Neuter program

A key element in controlling the overcrowding in a shelter and in the community is having a High volume – Low cost spay and neuter program available to the community.  One of the biggest reasons for overpopulation of pets in the community is that not enough people get their pets fixed.

Fixin’ to Save Lives

Fixin’ to Save Lives is a spay/neuter program that was started in November of 2017 by a private citizen.  The goal was to reduce the number of unwanted and homeless dogs and cats in the community by offering free spay/neuter for Jefferson County pets.  Within just 4 months’ time there were about 300 cats and dogs that had been fixed through this program.

This program operates through donations.  As funds are donated we can schedule and pay for community dogs and cats to have a spay/neuter at no cost to the owner.  This also includes a rabies shot for the pet.

Consider donating to this effective and needed program and/or take advantage of this program. Be a responsible pet owner and have your pet fixed.