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About Us

Our Mission is to utilize all available resources to provide humane care and positive outcomes for all companion animals in need in Jefferson County, Tennessee. We will strive to build relationships with animal allies and advocates, proactively and non-judgmentally educate our community, and tirelessly fight to speak for those who cannot raise their voices. ​

CARE was created by a group of caring individuals that saw the necessity of creating a haven for all companion animals in need. We will pursue all options for the companion animals of Jefferson County, Tennessee, and help pet parents build relationships and find solutions that foster forever families. We will pursue a no-kill status and aid other welfare agencies in the same pursuit. We will approach others with kindness and remain deeply loyal to being a champion for all animals whether they are within our building or within another facility. We will embody the CORE VALUES of Companion Animal Rescue and Education and build a reputation founded on making a positive impact for four-legged and two-legged animals alike.


CORE VALUES: Compassion, Selflessness, Kindness, Commitment, Hopefulness, Resourcefulness, Reliability, Progressiveness, Loyalty, Transparency, Dignity

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