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Re-homing Pets

Family To Family Adoptions

Rather than moving a pet from a family home into the shelter, and then if possible back out again, at times it is possible and always preferable to re-home pets from the comfort of their homes. This allows you, as a pet parent to develop a relationship with a potential adopter and make the decisions you believe to be the best outcome for the pets you have long known and loved. Please use the following resources to start the re-homing process that will benefit all of your human and non-human family members.

GetYourPet and AdoptAPet are large online communities that connect people who want to adopt with those that need to re-home. They also have helpful apps that enable you to:

  • Walkthrough creating your pet’s profile

  • Safely meet interested parties and finalize the adoption

  • Post your pet’s profile where potential adopters can see and contact you to arrange a meeting to get to know your pet.

  • Complete the adoption and legally transfer ownership.


Other benefits to programs like these are:

  • It gives pet owners the ability to hand-select their pet’s new home.

  • The adoption fee can go directly to CARE or any other shelter, if you choose, to benefit other homeless animals in the area.

  • It's a safe, no-cost way to rehome a pet and a much safer alternative than posting to online classifieds

  • Join and post an ad on the TENNESSEE PET REHOMING Facebook group

  • Join and post an ad to the TENNESSEE PETS IN NEED OF NEW HOMES Facebook group

  • Join and post an ad to the EAST TENNESSEE PET CONNECTION Facebook group



Craigslist will allow you to post a detailed advertisement for your animal, and you can determine how you are contacted. We are more than happy to help you determine great questions to ask potential adopters to find the right fit for your baby.

Finally, Don't be afraid to pursue more traditional options. Visit local coffee shops, your local church, post flyers in your neighborhood, and look for a great fit. Make sure you are transparent about your need for re-homing and accurately describe your animal and his or her needs to ensure a forever family!




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