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Kitten Season


What is Kitten Season?

March - September each year we see a drastic rise in kittens 

This is because during certain months cats can reproduce A LOT. Cats can begin having kittens at 5 months old and can have multiple litters a year.


This means that we have hundreds, if not thousands of kittens come to the shelter each year. These kittens vary from fully weaned and ready to be adopted to kittens that are just hours old. 

How can you help?


We need fosters for all types of kittens

Apply to Foster

We need fosters for:

  • Mama and Kittens

  • Bottle Babies

  • Unweaned Kittens

  • Weaned Kittens

  • Sickly Kittens

  • Spicy Kittens 


An increase in spay/neuter means fewer homeless kittens.

We work with Claws and Paws for a Cause and The Spay Neuter Project whom both offer low-cost spay/neuter for pets and community cats!

Kitten Supplies

If you can't foster and would still like to help, we would love it if you could get us some much-needed kitten supplies from our wishlist.

You can take a look at our wishlist here


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