Meet The Team

Tiffany Dawson

Director of Operations


Christi Jarvis

Shelter Manager


I have been involved in animal welfare for about 12 years, both in the shelter and veterinary fields. I'm an import from Georgia, with a whole herd of kiddos, two precious pitbulls, an indoor kitty, and two community cats that magically appeared in my yard (after my daughter secretly fed them biscuits for days). 

Animals are my passion...always have been, but I also really love helping people. I have a heart bigger than my common sense and give everything I have to those I can help. If you ever walk in the shelter and hear the loudest laugh known to man, you've found me. Say hi! I only bite if I haven't had my coffee.


Drew Bridge

Marketing, Events, & Volunteer Coordinator


Linda Helm

Animal Enrichment Manager

I absolutely love all species and types of animals. My heart is big and it knows no limits. I would probably pet a hungry lion if I knew it wouldn’t bite my arm off. I have a zoology degree, I am the enrichment coordinator extraordinaire and professional dog cuddler/pet sitter.


Heather Cook

Adoption Counselor


I’m Heather! I started fostering for CARE last year and it’s been amazing! I couldn’t imagine having a better job than being an Adoption Counselor. I enjoy the time with all the animals and my co-workers! I’ve always loved animals and now I have them in my life on a daily basis if it’s a foster or dog/cat/puppy from the shelter. 


Mindy Hutcheson

Adoption Counselor


Katie Goddard

Kennel Coordinator


I grew up about 40 minutes outside New York City in New Jersey. I moved to Tennessee about 3 years ago and I now live in Dandridge with my family and a4 pack of rescue dogs.


I love working in animal welfare because I love being a voice for the voiceless. Watching animals come in who are afraid, sick, or injured and seeing them transform into the most amazing pets is the most rewarding aspect. 

Lisa Russell-Breen

Animal Care Associate

Brad Wolfe

Volunteer Lead