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Safety Net Program


​Taking your pet to any animal shelter should be your last resort. Shelters, including ours, are temporary holding facilities designed to house a large number of stray/lost pets at one time. While our goal is to provide quality care for every animal we house, it will always be a loud, scary, and stressful environment for most pets.
Heartbreakingly, not all animals will make it up for adoption because of medical and behavioral issues outside the scope of resources we’re able to provide– some of these issues can be a direct result of the stress your animal encounters after arriving at the shelter.
Like you, we want the best for the animals of Jefferson county and will always try to keep them where they will thrive the most, in the home. Please read over the website to review options that may be available to you and your furry friends.



First and foremost, we will always try to help you keep your pet. We have a lot of incredible resources to share with you that will probably help resolve your problem so you don’t have to give up your pet.


  • All requests for surrender can be made on our website, or by visiting the shelter. If you choose to make your request in person, there is no need to bring the pet to make the request, as animals will not be taken on the same day.

  • We are almost always booked an absolute minimum of two weeks out barring an absolute emergency. Please be prepared to be placed on our waiting list and give yourself time to re-home

  • A surrender fee of $35.00 will be requested to help offset the costs to prepare your best friend for a shelter stay and then a new home. If you are unable to pay the surrender fee we may be able to waive or defer the fee if the need is determined to be serious and financial need is evident.

  • We do not ever place animals up for adoption that are aggressive toward people, consistently has demonstrated there is an underlying issue that will pose a risk in re-homing. Pet parents should always consider this prior to surrender.

  • We do not have resources to treat, fix, or manage major medical problems for owner-surrendered pets.

  • We cannot guarantee that your animal will be put up for adoption.

  • If your reason for giving up your pet is “no time,” please know that our adopters are average people, just like you. We’re happy to talk with you about things you can do to enrich your animal’s life so they can stay with you and be their happiest.

  • Please utilize the resources found here and feel free to use our contact form for more information, or call us at (865)-471-5696 for more information on how to proceed.

  • Visit our FAQ page for more information on our process.

  • It is critical that ALL PET PARENTS UNDERSTAND the following: regardless of our love for all animals, we cannot fix all behavioral issues or medical issues in our facility. We are neither veterinarians nor professional trainers, and without donations, we would be unable to continue intake. If you are considering surrender for an issue that may be fixable, please practice patience and allow us to help you keep your pet. We want the best for all animals, and a shelter is rarely the best. 

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