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Foster / Boarding

At this time CARE does not have the space and resources required to temporarily foster animals for families in need. However, we are trying to develop a strong base of individuals in the community who may be willing to commit to foster animals in need of temporary boarding for families who may be able to reclaim them. At this time, we can only entertain boarding for families who meet the following qualifications: 

  • Domestic Violence Survivors Seeking Placement 

  • Community Members seeking aid with a rehabilitation facility who can confirm placement

  • Homeless community members with a caseworker 

  • Loss of home due to unavoidable circumstances such as fire or flood.

  • Members of the armed forces being deployed without friends or families to help!

In these extreme instances, though we cannot state it will always be a possibility, we will make every attempt to find a foster for your pet. 


Help make a difference and sign up to FOSTER today!

Long-Term Fosters are a special breed, critical to helping the community, and understanding beyond compare. These fosters are changing lives for four-legged AND two-legged friends. Fostering pets for periods that are a bit longer can be very challenging and will take a piece of your heart. GOODBYE IS THE GOAL. The animals in long-term foster programs have no likelihood of ever becoming adoptable animals, they are always meant to return home. If you feel you can open your home to these special cases please fill in our foster form:

Foster Form

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