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Food Pantry Program

CARE offers supplemental help to families in need with a once-monthly pick up of Pet Food! The pantry provides pet food, but due to limited resources can never be the only source of nutrition for pets.

Program Details
Families can come into CARE any day during the month.

To receive pet food, you must:

1) complete an application for the pantry.
2) Only ONE member of a household may apply for and receive pet food. 
3) Owners may not add ANY pets to their household while they are receiving food from the Pet Food Pantry.

4) All pet parents must provide verification of need within 60 days of the application (this can be any documentation of income such as social security, disability, SNAP card, or any other items that indicate the need is present.) 

5) Within 60 days of applying for nutrition aid, the pet parent must have spayed or neutered all animals in the home, or be actively working with CARE to do so. 

6) We believe strongly in TNVR and also support colony caregivers. We ask only that caregivers keep actively working with CARE and other critical organizations like SPAY NEUTER PROJECT to manage the colony's spay and the neuter to prevent the colony from growing further.

CARE has placed rules on nutrition to ensure we can help the most possible animals every month, and so we are able to help in a more profound way by championing the spay and neuter efforts that are aimed at ending pet homelessness.

Receiving pet food from CARE's Pet Food Pantry is at the sole discretion of the recipient. The recipient understands and accepts that Companion Animal Rescue and Education will not be held legally liable for the distribution, use, or consumption of this pet food. This pet food is not for human consumption.



310 Landfill Road
Jefferson City, TN 37760

Owners must show proof that their pets are spayed or neutered OR be willing to have ALL of their dogs and cats altered through low-cost resources to continue receiving food from this program.

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