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10 Pet Friendly Plants

It is important to note that whilst these plants are fine to be around your pets, keeping them within reach and having the plants turning into lunch whilst you're not at home can cause your pets some issues, and you some vets bills. But keep them out of reach and your lovely pets and house plants can live in harmony!

  1. Boston Fern

The Boston fern is one of the safest plants that we have on this list and a big tasty bite from a pup won't do too much harm (we still don't recommend, but we know what they can be like!). Maintenance is super low too, which making it one of the favorites on the list!

2. Spider Plant

Resilient, air purifying, and easy to grow. Ticks three boxes and gets wrapped up in a nice gift wrapped box when you find out that its very pet friendly too!

3. Venus Fly Trap (Unless your pet is a fly, then we cannot advise you against this enough)

Really low maintenance, best watered with filtered water, leave this out on your balcony or porch and it'll fend for itself and help get rid of any flies you might have lingering around!

4. Rattlesnake plant

Unlike a rattlesnake, the plant is fine to have around your pets! These plants thrive in warm rooms (above 64 degrees) and enjoy a bit of sunlight but not too much.

It's easy to water, easy to care for, and it looks really cool too so what is there to lose?

5. Parlor Palm

Firstly, Parlor Palms look great. But they are also non-toxic, enjoy low light, and purify your room, making it a brilliant house guest.

Keep these plants near windows that get early morning or late afternoon light, or just in well lit rooms with natural light.

6. Pontytail Palm

We're a big fan of Palms here at CARE. As your pets, and your vets will be too!

Ponytail plants love light, but indirect light is best! These brighten up an already bright room!

According to the ASPCA says that these are non-toxic to dogs and cats, and horses too. But I think you googling horse friendly houseplants might be fairly low down on your list if you have a horse in your house.

7. Some Herbs

Herbs such as:

Basil, Parsley, Thyme, Sage, and Cilantro are all pet friendly. They also look great in your house and help with your cooking (and grocery bill). Thats a win win win if you ask me!

8. Orchid

Orchids are really safe for pets, the ASPCA likes them a lot, so we do too!

They're a really nice plant to have around too and add a bit of color. We've kept it fairly green so far!

They need little water, a warm environment and don't like being in direct sunlight so they're fairly easy to care for too.

9. African Violet

More color options for y'all with this one.

Again, the African violet is a non-toxic houseplant option for your home!

Some bright morning light is perfect for the African violet, avoiding direct sunlight and they don't need too much water either. Another CARE favorite right here!

10. Maidenhair Fern

Our final plant on our list of pet friendly favorites.

Ferns can be great, and are generally non-toxic, but it is important to check first. Maidenhair ferns require watering whenever they feel a little bit dry, unlike many plants that like to dry out before being watered again!

Click here for a link to the ASPCA website which has a handy list of toxic and non-toxic plants for pets!

Here's to you being a great pet and plant parent!

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