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10 Ways To Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

Animal Shelters often rely heavily on volunteers to run, with minimal staff completing numerous jobs to keep the shelter clean, the animals healthy, and ready to be adopted as quickly as possible! Volunteers, then, are definitely necessary for the animals to get the best out of their time at the shelter and have a smooth transition into their forever homes!

So here are some ways that you can help an animal shelter out!

1. Help with Cleaning

Most shelters have a whole load of cleaning to do before they can even open, with each animal cage and area needing to be cleaned so that the animals remain healthy and the cages are presentable to the public. These cleaning operations can take a long time and by volunteering just a few hours it can really help the shelter out by giving them more time to focus on the animals and their care!

2. Laundry

As you can imagine, a shelter gets through a lot of laundries. I'm pretty confident they get through more laundry in a day than I have in my entire life. Although I'm not sure whether that says about how much they do, or how little I did during my student years... Many shelters would really appreciate someone to come and chill and do some laundry, and whilst the machines are on you can go and play with some animals, it's not a bad place to wait!

3. Animal Interaction

This is probably the most fun job at the shelter, and also one of the most important ones! Whilst shelters do so much for the animals, it can be a very stressful place for them. They can be noisy, and however much the staff cares about the animals, it's just not the same as a home. But with volunteers coming in to play and interact with the animals, it eases stress, gives them some excitement during their day,